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Financial Resources

MTR, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Rider fees are necessary to help defray the expenses of equine assisted therapy but fees cover only a small portion of the actual cost of providing our services. If you are applying for financial assistance review the information in the sections below. There are two resources for financial assistance: Outside Funding and MTR Scholarships.

Please note: If you are applying for financial assistance, your completed Financial Resource Packet must accompany your registration form.

Outside Funding Resources

The link below provides a listing of oganizations that provide finacial aid assistance.

Outside Funding Sources and Resources Listing

MTR's accounting department cannot generate invoices for outside funding without an OFIR form. Please fill out the form linked below to request an invoice from MTR.

Outside Funding Invoice Request Form (OFIR).

MTR Scholarships

Scholarship funds are provided for Therapeutic Riding participants only. Riders must have a diagnosis and a physician's referral to be eligible.

It is the policy of Maryland Therapeutic Riding (MTR) to provide financial assistance to MTR students in an
objective, fair and responsible manner. MTR is committed to providing this type of financial assistance to
students who would not be able to participate without this financial support. Prospective students and their
families are expected to exhaust all other options of financial support prior to filing a scholarship application.
(please see list of outside funding sources) Scholarship applications received after the scholarship application
deadline will not be considered. Students may not receive more than one semester of scholarship assistance per
calendar year if a student receiving a scholarship misses more than 30% of their lessons, and they will not be eligible to re-apply for another scholarship during that calendar year. We ask that you contribute a share of the rider fee so that there will be enough scholarship funds available for all who need them.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship awards are based in part on the following guidelines:

  1. Availability of funds at the time of scholarship application.
  2. Profile and need of the rider.
  3. Student's commitment to the session, as well as commitment to cover 25% of tuition.
  4. Previous awards. We reserve the right to limit the number of awards/scholarships given to the same
    rider, because our goal is to serve as many riders as possible.

Mitigating factors which could also impact eligibility are: more than 4 members in a family, more than one family member with special needs, single parent household or unusual medical needs. We recommend you submit a letter of explanation which the board will take into consideration.

To apply for an MTR scholarship, please fill out the form linked below and include with Rider Registration:

Scholarship Application




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