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Breed: Quarter horse
D.O.B: 1998
Sex: Gelding
Height: 16hh
Weight: 1250 lbs
Color: Chestnut
History: Showed Western and English

Apollo is leased to MTR by Carol Morgan, one of our instructors. He joined our team in 2009. Before joining MTR, Apollo was successfully ridden in western-style and English hunter competitions. His western training enhances his perfect gentleman persona. He is inquisitive and a wonderful listener who is a great stead for a whole host of riders from the most timid to the independent. He has been a vital part of the Horses for Heroes program and our ever-expanding recreational program.


Breed: Mini

Color: Black

D.O.B: 2003

Height: 38 inches

Weight: 400 lbs

Sex: Mare

History: Beauty's registered name is Mini Brooks Farms Black Beauty. She is both AMHR and WCMHR registered. Her sire is Ohio's Private Eye and her dam is Hunter Hills Just Jesica. She was shown as a yearling at the AMHR nationals and place in the top three! Since she was two years old she has been trained to drive and been showing in that event winning numerous awards: New York State Saddle Horse Association Champion in Halter, Driving, and Obstacle in 2010; LARGE County Fair Champion of the Fonda Fair in 2012 and 2013; 2013 Overall Champion in Halter, Driving and Performance Horse of the Year!!! Beauty joined the MTR team in January 2014. Our littler riders enjoy a sense of comfort with the smaller stature of our new beauty!

Bobby Too (aka "Bob")

Breed: Haflinger
D.O.B: 1993
Sex: Gelding
Height: 13.1hh
Weight: 900 lbs
Color: Gold Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail
History: Dressage, driving and children's riding lessons

Bob is kindly leased to MTR by Pat Rudolph and joing our team on July 4, 2012. Before coming to MTR, Bob has been trained in dressage and driving. He has also given children’s riding lessons and was leased by a few young riders. Bob has been an amazing addition to MTR with his steady attitude and gait. He has quickly become a favorite among riders and instructors alike!


Breed: Quarter horse
D.O.B: 2001
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.1hh
Weight: 950 lbs
Color: Dun/Buckskin
History: Former western pleasure horse

Chrissy, leased to MTR by Mr. & Mrs. Hogendorp, joined our team in 2008. Chrissy was successfully trained and ridden western-style with a little English and jumping in her past. She is a loveable mare who is extremely easy to handle. She is consistent and reliable. With her patient attitude she has been a huge part of our Hippotherapy program. Petite in size but with huge stamina and strength, Chrissy loves to work and enjoys every minute of her role.



Breed: Warmblood
D.O.B: 1990
Sex: Gelding
Height: 15.3hh
Weight: 1,130 lbs
Color: Liver Chestnut
History: Former Dressage, Hunter and Equitation show horse

Davos joined our team in June 2013. He is polite, sensitive, and responsive and a great addition to our team.


Breed: Paint Cross

Color: Paint (Skewbald)

D.O.B: 1996

Height: 16.1hh

Weight: 1250 lbs

Sex: Gelding

History: Former Pony clubber, husband horse and much-loved family friend.

Eli is kindly leased to us by Tracy Vorhees and Mike Skreptack. He joined our team in the winter of 2009, making a smooth transition to therapeutic riding horse. He has been a huge asset to our programs, with his great personality and incredibly pleasant gaits. He is a popular horse for our soldiers and a wonderful teacher in our recreational program.


Breed: Miniature

Color: Pinto

D.O.B: April 30, 2014

Height: 7.1hh

Weight: 100 lbs

Sex: Filly

History: Surprise filly born at MTR!  Julep was an unexpected arrival in the Spring of 2014.



Breed: Andalusian x Morgan
Color: Grey
D.O.B: July 15 1995
Height: 15hh
Weight: 975 lbs
Sex: Mare
History: Classical dressage training and former school horse at School of Equestrian Arts

The Andalusian is a Spanish-bred horse with a flowing mane and smooth gaits and the Morgan Horse is a sturdy breed that was traditionally a work horse. May exemplifies the best traits of both of these breeds. May was donated to MTR in 2005 by a well-known classical dressage trainer based in North Carolina. May is quiet and sturdy and very emotionally concerned about her riders. She is always aware of a rider’s balance and she makes adjustments in her motions to accommodate and support them. She is suitable for either high-tone or low-tone riders because her leader can easily adjust the pace and rhythm of her walk. In the short time since she’s been at MTR, May has helped countless riders. She is helping one small boy, who rides her while participating in speech therapy, learn how to communicate. May is also the perfect partner for one young girl with learning disabilities who is just beginning to ride independently.


Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Palomino
D.O.B: 2001
Height: 15hh
Weight: 950 lbs
Sex: Mare
History: Peaches was a ranch horse in the Midwest prior to finding a home in York, PA as a family horse.  Her owners in PA were downsizing their herd and realized that with Peaches quiet and sweet personality, she would be a perfect fit as a therapy horse.  Her owners allowed MTR to take her on a trial and she passed with flying colors.  She is a natural at her job here and loves to interact with everyone she can- both people and horses!   


Breed: Welsh/Shetland/Arab

Color: Grey

D.O.B: 1991

Height: 13hh

Weight: 700 lbs

Sex: Gelding

History: English show pony for 15 years who taught many children how to ride and earned many, many championships along the way

Romeo is a wonderful pony and a great addition to the MTR team. He joined MTR in May of 2013. He is quiet, slow-going and responsive. Our littlest riders feel right at home upon his back.


Breed: Norwegian Fjord

Color: Dun

D.O.B: 2003

Height: 13.2hh

Weight: 900 lbs

Sex: Gelding

History: English show pony for 15 years who taught many children how to ride and earned many, many championships along the way

Toril spent his years prior to MTR with a young girl in VA who trained him in everything from dressage, cross country, natural horsemanship, jumpers, and games.  They spent several years together adventuring across VA and winning many blue ribbons.  When Toril’s owner came to the difficult decision that she wanted a young project horse, she allowed MTR to take Toril on a trial to see if he would be a good fit for our program.  The MTR family fell in love with this big guy and he quickly became a favorite among many of our riders.  We are looking forward to Toril having a long, wonderful career here at the farm.

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